A guide on choosing the best suited printer for your unique needs

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Choosing the best suited printer for your unique needs!

When purchasing a printer, and for that matter any product, we tend settling for the cheapest option, which is not always the best and most economic option. With printers, we can see a clear tendency of the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the consumables. 

Always examine the costs for the replacement consumables and the running cost of the product:
Try to find out what the yield (claimed count of prints at a 5% coverage) of the toner or ink cartridge is. When shopping, an average cost of a monochrome printout at 5% coverage should be between 5-10 cents, and a black ink printout at 5% coverage between 20-40 cents. This may vary though.

For minimal graphic printing, monochrome laser printing is your most economical printing. This is often used in corporate environments for printing out letters, schedules, emails etc. Ink / inkjet printing, is more expensive but a better option for graphic and photo printing.

Consider the speed and the volume you’re anticipating:
20-40 pages per minute is adequate speeds for the ultimate office guru. Anything upwards would be for high-volume printing.

Look at the printer’s duplex printing capability: 
This could mean a saving towards paper cost, and further to that, you’re then looking after the environment.

Monitor your print volumes:
Check to see how frequently the paper tray needs refilling per day or week. When you have this info – you can then always look at second and third tray options when spec’ing your newest edition to the family. Let’s be honest, replacing the paper when walking to the printer to fetch your printouts, is like washing the dishes. It’s easy to wash and rinse it, but putting it away is the hard part.

Staff tend to print more when you have a colour printer: 
Make sure the printer you’ve short listed, has reporting capabilities so you can monitor the print usage, or blocking colour printing completely.

Concluding, the last but most important question you need to ask is:  
What Operating System will the printer be used with. A lot of people forget that not all corporate printers are compatible with MAC PC’s, and this then bites a big chunk out of your wallet.

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